Old people's Swiss sex romps shock anglers

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A retired Swiss-German couple have been arrested for allegedly having group sex at the Melezza river in canton Ticino, in what locals say is becoming a plague of elderly al-fresco friskiness.

Melezza is now known as “the hottest river in Switzerland,“ according to Blick newspaper. The river in Centovalli in Ticino, in Italian-speaking Switzerland, is a mecca for naturists and swingers from the German-speaking areas of the country.

"We only massaged each other’s feet“, the couple from Canton Aargau said in protest. But a fisherman at the river saw a threesome with another man taking place.

The fisherman from the nearby village of Cavigliano told La Regione newspaper: 

“It was about six o’ clock in the evening. I had just thrown out my fishing rod, then I heard something behind me in the bushes. I turned around and saw a naked person masturbating. I called the peeping Tom names and disgustedly continued fishing. But then it got even worse. On a rock, two men were enjoying themselves with a woman. The man in the bush had been watching them.“

The police were alerted by the fisherman and in minutes two officials arrived on the scene. The voyeur and one of the men escaped. The married couple, a man (70) and his wife (69), both tourists from the canton Aargau, were arrested in their car.

The river especially attracts tourists from German-speaking Switzerland and Germany who canoodle on the rocks. The local community is trying to defend themselves against the nudists by erecting signs warning off amorous couples and making regular citizen patrols of the area.

The Swiss-German couple are not the first pensioners who have shocked the paradise of Centovalli. 

“For decades we are very tolerant of nudists, said the mayor of Centovalli, Giorgo Pellanda (60), “but such exhibitionism is illegal. It damages the image of our valley and disturbs families. Swiss-German nudists are increasingly brazen.


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