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Muslim school kids must swim to be Swiss
Swimming lessons are compulsory in Basel's education system. Photo: Daniel Orth

Two Muslim teenage girls were denied a Swiss passport because they refused to participate in school swimming lessons on religious grounds.

Swiss uni is fourth most innovative in Europe
The EPFL in Lausanne scored particularly high for commercial impact. Photo: Alain Herzog

The high ranking is the latest accolade for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

Pupils suspended after evaluating teachers online
File photo: Rachel Johnson

School suspends three students for creating a website for pupils to publicly assess their teachers’ performance.

ETH Zurich rides high in key uni reputation poll
Despite the strong showing, ETH Zurich was down four places on last years result. Photo: Ed Seymour

Swiss federal technology institute ETH Zurich is the highest rated university in continental Europe, a prestigious new survey shows.

Swiss school eyes longer holidays for non-smoking staff
File photo: Flickr

Staff at a school in the canton of Basel Country who provide a positive role model by not smoking should receive an extra week's holiday, one member of staff has suggested.

Zurich 'to force kindergarten to take German classes'
File photo: AFP

Should children of kindergarten age be forced to study German if their language skills aren't up to scratch?

Zurich snubs plan to let school kids sleep in
File photo: Dan DeLuca

School children in Zurich who were expecting to get a little more sleep have seen their hopes dashed.

School with 163-year history named top 'young' university
EPFL in Lausanne. Photo: Alain Herzog

Lausanne’s federal technology institute EPFL was founded in its current form in the 1960s, but dates back far longer.

School brings in legal expert over handshake issue
The school is located in Therwil, near the city of Basel. File photo: Michelle Kinsey Bruns

A Swiss legal expert will decide on the validity of a decision by a Therwil school to allow male Muslim students to avoid shaking hands with female teachers for religious reasons.

Teacher fired over doggy daycare dilemma
File photo: Jens Peter Salvesen

A primary school in Bern has dismissed a popular teacher for continuing to bring her blind dog into class.

Outrage as teacher uses suicide case in physics lesson
Pont Bessières bridge in Lausanne. Photo: Grez Wikimedia Commons.

Parents and students have reacted with shock and anger after a teacher decided to use suicide as an example in a physics lesson.

ETH Zurich named top non-UK university in Europe
ETH Zurich regularly rates highly in international rankings. Photo: Ed Seymour

The Swiss federal technology institute is the only establishment outside the UK to place in the top five of the prestigious Times Higher Education's European rankings.

Switzerland makes top six in world literacy study
Photo: Jo Naylor

Switzerland beaten only by Nordic countries in study analyzing literate behaviour and resources.

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