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River swimmers advised of cold water risks
Cooling off should be done with care. Photo: bad-info.ch

As Switzerland basks in the sun swimmers are being warned that many rivers have yet to heat up.

Geneva to get 'café fellatio' by end of year
File photo: Jen/Flickr

A firm in Geneva plans to open a café where customers can enjoy oral sex while they sip their morning coffee. Not everyone is happy with the idea.

Schools urged to turn out computer whiz kids
Schools are being urged to teach programming. Photo: AFP

Swiss children need to be prepared for a digital future, according to politicians and economic leaders.

MPs seek to make ‘sexting’ a criminal act
The sexting phenomenon is growing. File photo: hercampus.com

Parliamentarians back a motion to criminalize the sending of sexually explicit photos and videos by smartphone.

Minister defends tougher surveillance measures
Guy Parmelin put the case for increased surveillance powers. Photo: SVP

Swiss Defence Minister Guy Parmelin says Switzerland is currently not adequately protected against terrorist threats.

Saudis warn tourists to respect Swiss burqa ban
A member of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland distributes flyers in Ticino against the veil ban in 2013. Photo: AFP

The Saudi Arabian embassy in Bern has warned its citizens visiting Switzerland not to break the law.

Schools forced to hire unqualified staff: survey
The problem is worst in primary schools. Photo: schuleschweiz.blogspot.com

Many Swiss schools are having to resort to employing underqualified teachers.

Pride Parade bangs the drum for LGBT rights
The LGBT community turned out in force. Photo: queer.ch

Rain didn’t dampen the festive atmosphere at the annual Zurich Pride parade on Saturday.

Swiss say 'no thanks' to basic income for all
No basic income for all, this time. Photo: AFP

The Swiss on Sunday flatly rejected a radical proposal to provide the entire population with a basic income.

Paternity leave backers push for public vote
File photo: AFP

Fathers in Switzerland should get four weeks statutory paternity leave, say supporters of a new popular initiative.

Farms in Swiss Jura to pilot refugee integration project
Volunteers will undertake manual labour on farms in the Jura. Photo: Mark Goebel

The pilot programme will offer refugees unpaid farming work to help them integrate.

Swiss city fights extremism with anti-radicalization centre
Winterthur has had several cases of youth radicalization in recent years. Photo: Simon Aughton

Winterthur launches a new service aimed at preventing radicalization.

Injury forces Swiss star Bencic out of French Open
File photo: Sean M Haffey/Getty North America/AFP

Belinda Bencic has suffered back problems lately.

Lynx hurdles electric fence to escape Swiss animal park
The lynx is a protected species in Switzerland. File photo: Kora

A wild lynx has escaped from an animal shelter near Nyon after breaching the park’s electric fences.

Swiss basic income campaign sets 'Guinness' record
The poster was set up in a large diamond-shaped open space in central Geneva called La Plaine de Plainpalais. Photo: AFP

Campaigners for a minimum income in Switzerland set a Guinness Record for the world's largest poster on Saturday, as they sought support for the controversial proposal ahead of a referendum next month.

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