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Anger as Basel pool bans 'maxi burqinis'
Australian model Mecca Laalaa in a tight-fitting Islamic swimsuit, or burqini. File photo: AFP

What lies behind controversial rule changes at a pool in the Swiss city of Basel?

Swiss parliament rejects paternity leave plea
Photo: Tom Page

Fathers shouldn't get two weeks statutory paternity leave, says parliament.

Zurich falcons killed with ‘kamikaze pigeons’
Peregrine falcons are protected in Switzerland. Photo: Mathias Schäf

A pigeon fancier in Zurich has admitted to poisoning a falcon to death with a ‘kamikaze pigeon’, the latest in a spate of similar incidents.

Swiss households employ half of country's illegal immigrants
File photo: Dave Crosby

Half of illegal immigrants in Switzerland work in private households, says study.

Council-funded brothel touted for Zurich
File photo: Joshua Rindner

A Zurich politician files a motion to open a municipal brothel.

Zurich rents are most expensive in Switzerland
File photo: The Local

But you get more for your money than in Geneva.

Dictator-tracker spices up Geneva planespotting
File photo: eGuide Travel

A Swiss journalist has launched a Twitter-bot which tracks aircraft belonging to dictators landing at Geneva airport.

Tasers and ninja weapons seized by Swiss customs
File photo: Marcelo Freido

The number of illegal weapons confiscated by Swiss customs officers has doubled in the past five years.

Swiss 'groundhog day' forecasts worst ever summer
File photo: Andreas Omvik/Zurich Tourism

If you were looking forward to a long, hot summer you might be sorely disappointed if the outcome of this year’s burning of the Böögg is to be relied upon.

Family in handshake row wants to be Swiss
Photo: Martin Abegglen

Politicians react to news that the father of the two Muslim schoolboys who refused to shake hands with their female teachers has applied for Swiss citizenship.

Bank blacklists Swiss travel agent for being named Isis
File photo: Caroline Bishop

Having the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess doesn’t make for a smooth banking experience in Switzerland.

Swiss farmer's cows leap for joy of spring
Photo: Caroline Bishop/File

A video showing the delight of Swiss cows at being let out into the pasture after a long winter has struck a chord around the world.

Muslim boys refuse to shake hands with female teachers
Photo: Broad Bean Media

A school in northern Switzerland has decided to back the complaint by the two male students.

Swiss step up terrorist investigations
Photo: Khaled Desouki/AFP

More than 60 possible Jihadists are under investigation in Switzerland.

Video could trap Syrian jail-breaker and guard
Photo: Zurich cantonal police

A video released by a female warder and the Syrian prisoner she helped abscond in February is being studied for clues as to their whereabouts.

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Swiss 'groundhog day' forecasts lousy summer
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'Love-making couch' among inventions at Geneva show
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Bank blacklists Swiss travel agent named Isis
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Italian research student slain in Geneva street
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New Chaplin museum set in star's own 'Downton Abbey'
Photo: Gary Minnaert
Name traditions still sway married Swiss women despite law change
Photo: Stephan Ridgway
Government eyes hefty fines for littering
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VIDEO: Swiss farmer's cows leap for joy of spring
Automatic expulsion of criminal foreigners rejected at the ballot box
UK's Duchess of York seeks to become resident of Verbier
City of Geneva to translate information into English
Female guard at prison near Zurich 'helped Syrian flee jail'
Swiss residential real estate 'bubble risk' continues to rise
Temporary wood opera house opens near United Nations in Geneva
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