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Swiss cancels flights to Munich due to German strike
Photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP

Flights to Germany disrupted due to a strike by ground staff at six German airports.

French rail strike to hit Swiss-bound trains
The strike starts on Monday evening. Photo: Nicolas Tucat/AFP

Tuesday's strike will affect TGV Lyria services to Switzerland.

Queues build at Gotthard as Easter approaches
Photo: Gotthard north portal webcam

South-bound motorists warned to expect delays at the Gotthard.

Flights disrupted after Brussels attacks

Flight disruption continues for a second day at Swiss airports.

SBB caves in over rail card passenger data
Photo: VÖV

SBB to delete SwissPass travel data following complaints.

Voters give green light to new Gotthard road tunnel
photo: driveeuropenews.com

Voters approve a second bore to the traffic-clogged Gotthard road tunnel

New rail tunnel proposed under an Alpine pass
Rendition showing crosscut view of proposed tunnel. Photo: Canton of Valais

Yet another Alpine railway tunnel is in the works for Switzerland — but this one would also carry electrical transmission lines.

Global air passenger traffic jumped 6.5 percent in 2015 compared to the previous year, boosted largely by lower air fares, the Geneva-based IATA says.

Thousands clamour for historic Gotthard tunnel ride
Gotthard Base Tunnel workers celebrate having bored through 57 kilometres of rock face. Photo: Federal Transport Office

Around 160,000 Swiss residents have applied for the chance to ride into history.

Sweden's EQT 'best suited' to take over Kuoni
Photo: Kuoni

Swiss travel group Kuoni says it considers Swedish investment fund EQT the best suited to take it over, but that no final decisions about a buyout have been made.

Lugano's airport forced to close for nine days
Photo: Justus Weiss

The canton of Ticino’s main airport will be forced to close for nine days this autumn for the repaving of its runway.

Half-fare card rail users to get ten-franc break
Photo: SBB

Holders of half-fare travel cards for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) are set to receive a modest gift in the mail.

Train station pathway for blind to be 'reconsidered'
View of Lowenstrasse station. Photo: Hoff1980/Wikimedia Commons

Federal authorities have backed down from a decision ordering Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to remove some of the tactile floor lines installed to guide the blind in Zurich’s underground train station.

Zurich station told to yank pathways for blind
Photo: A. Grandchamp/City of Geneva

Advocates for the blind are crying foul after federal officials ordered the removal of certain tactile floor guides in Zurich’s new underground train station.

Rail passengers face delays due to freeze-up
Photo: SBB/Twitter

Bitterly cold weather in parts of Switzerland led to disruptions in rail traffic on the national network, Swiss Federal Railways SBB) said on Monday.

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