Small quake shakes central Switzerland

A light earthquake shook Switzerland's central Zug region early on Friday, the Swiss Seismological Service in Zurich said.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 3.3 on the open-ended Richter scale, and the epicentre was located six kilometres south-east of Zug.

The quake occurred at 1232 GMT and was clearly felt in the region, the SDA news service reported.

Zug is some 20 kilometres south of Zurich.

Earthquakes of this magnitude do not usually cause damage.

Switzerland is considered at a low to moderate risk of earthquakes. Experts believe an earthquake of magnitude 6 could be expected around once a century and a destructive powerful quake of magnitude 7 only once every 1,000 years.

The town of Basel was destroyed by a quake in 1356. More recently Sierre was rocked by a magnitude 6 quake in 1946.