Swiss neo-Nazi arrested in Hamburg

A 24-year-old Swiss neo-Nazi, wanted for shooting a man in Zurich on Saturday night, has been arrested in Hamburg.

Some 40 German police officers were waiting for Sebastien Nussbaumer at Hamburg-Harburg station in the early hours of Monday morning, news website Blick reports. The station is located near his girlfriend’s home. 

Armed with machine guns, the police were able to arrest Nussbaumer without incident after his train pulled in at 3.10am. Prior to the train’s arrival, police had evacuated the station and cordoned off the area. The Swiss suspect was carrying a loaded pistol, newspaper Tages Anzeiger reported.

With a cluster of tattoos on his neck and forearms, Nussbaumer was easy to spot. Among the tattoos is a symbol on his forearm representing Hitler’s paramilitary force, the Stormtroopers. The use of this symbol is illegal in Germany.

Sebastien Nussbaumer is already well known to the police. In 2006 he attacked a group of Albanians with a knuckle-duster, an event that was filmed by a neo-Nazi colleague. In 2007 he broke the noses of two men, one with a kick, the other with a headbutt, and also beat a drunken man so badly that he suffered concussion.

Nussbaumer spent 16 months in jail for these crimes.

In January, he was again sentenced to 39 months for a variety of less serious crimes. Nussbaumer appealed the sentence, arguing that he had been judged more harshly than others because of his neo-Nazi beliefs.

He then went missing but reappeared on the Swiss police radar when he seriously injured a man in a shooting incident in Zurich’s old town on Saturday night.

The cause of the dispute that led to the shooting is as yet unknown.

In addition to his girlfriend, Nussbaumer also has other neo-Nazi friends living in the Hamburg area, Blick reports.

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Worries in Switzerland as secret Neo-Nazi concert set to go ahead

An underground concert organised by a violent neo-Nazi organisation banned across Europe ias set to go ahead in the Swiss canton of Valais on Saturday.

Worries in Switzerland as secret Neo-Nazi concert set to go ahead
Image: Sebastian Haak / dpa / AFP

The Edelweiss Concert, which features bands from across the right-wing extremist scene, is being organised by members of the militant, far-right Blood and Honour music network. 

A flyer promoting the concert has been doing the rounds in far-right circles across Switzerland and Europe. 

The flyer, which shows the Matterhorn in the background, does not provide a location for the concert but requires attendees to register their email addresses, before being informed of the location closer to the event. 

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The flyer asks attendees not to share pictures of it through WhatsApp or Twitter. 

‘Blood and Honour’

Blood and Honour, founded in England in the 1980s, brings together far-right bands and record labels to organise events raising money for extremist causes. 

Blood and Honour is banned in Germany, Spain and Russia, while it is designated as a terrorist organisation by the Canadian government. 

Three bands are listed as headliners for the event, all of whom have been active for years in the Neo-Nazi music scene. 

Image: Sebastian Haak / dpa / AFP

No police intervention?

Police have been made aware of the concert and are classifying it as “problematic”. Police have told Swiss media they are currently working with local authorities to ensure the population is aware of the threat. 

“In general, Swiss security services take violent extremism very seriously,” a police representative told Swiss newspaper Watson

While the police said they have investigated ways of cancelling or moving the concert, protections on freedom of expression prevent its prohibition. 

The police also indicated they have considered banning foreigners entering the country for the purpose of attending the event, although they would not reveal whether any such bans had already been imposed. 

The concert is said to be the biggest far-right music festival held in Switzerland since 2016’s Rocktoberfest, held in Unterwasser in St Gallen. 

That event attracted over 5,000 Neo-Nazis from across Europe, raising money for the National Socialist Underground organisation in the German state of Thuringia. WOZ reports that the money raised from the concert was used for buying weapons and ammunition for the organisation, as well as to facilitate its expansion. 

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