Police search for Swiss gunman victims

Swiss police believe that a man who shot at an 18-year-old girl in the early hours of Sunday may be a repeat offender.

Police have published a picture of 28-year-old Heinz Käser, the man responsible for firing at an 18-year-old girl in the early hours of Sunday morning as she made her way home, in the hope that others may come forward and inform the investigation.

It is believed that Käser may have committed several similar offences and police are searching the entire country for any women who might have been pursued, harassed or attacked by Heinz.

Käser, who had posted on the internet that his greatest wishes are to have a girlfriend and be a millionaire, admitted shooting the girl known only as Natasha on Sunday morning in the village of Hirschthal in canton Aargau. Police believe now that his intention was to rape his victim.

"He wanted to kill her with a targeted shot to the head. And then to commit sexual abuse,” Urs Winzenried, head of Aargau police, told online news site Blick.

Käser was picked up two hours later when he returned to the scene of the crime to search for his gun, a 6.35mm, which he had dropped. A smaller calibre gun and a knife were found at Käser’s home during a police search.

His favourite hobby is travelling by train, and witnesses say that he bragged a great deal about having an unlimited travel pass.

“He would only ever talk about the outward and the return journey. Never the goal,” one observer told the website.

Käser, who lives at home with his parents, also posted that his greatest fear about sleeping with a woman was that she would laugh at him.

Several women have come forward since the police published their request for information, although it is not yet clear whether any of them have been attacked.

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