Foreign gang charged over sabre attack

Seven foreigners are being judged for attempted murder for allegedly attacking a 25-year-old man with sabres and knives in downtown Geneva.

Foreign gang charged over sabre attack
File photo: Rama

In a court case begun this week that is expected to take 12 days, the men ranging from 23 to 32 years of age, are being charged with ganging up on the victim one night in August 2011.

The prosecution maintains the attack took place in Geneva’s Plainpalais neighbourhood after the group ambushed the man in a retail gallery.

They surrounded him and proceeded to kick, punch and strike him with knives and sabres, according to the allegation.

The victim fell to the ground but managed to get up and escape.

He suffered injuries including one to the face that left a large scar on his forehead.

Those charged are of Arabic origin, bachelors without profession and without a fixed address, according to a report from the ATS news agency.

Most of them are living in Switzerland without authorization, the report said.

Meanwhile, the victim, who was known to police for break-ins and illegal drug cases, has the same profile as his alleged attackers, ATS said.

The prosecution charges that the attackers acted with a “noticeable absence of scruples” while showing a “certain contempt” for the life of the man they injured.

The accused deny the charges, with one of them alleging that he was not even present when the incident occurred.

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Man jailed 12 years for torturing infant daughter

The canton of Zurich's high court sentenced a 28-year-old man to 12 years in jail for brutally torturing his infant daughter because he was convinced he was not the child’s father.

Man jailed 12 years for torturing infant daughter
Canton of Zurich's high court. Photo: Adrian Michael

The decision marked a third, more severe sentencing of the man, convicted for an offence dating back to February 2009.

Doubting he was the biological father of his partner’s child, he took his anger out on the three-week old tot in a fit of jealousy, the SDA news agency reported.

When his partner was away from the home, he intentionally gave the baby scalding hot milk, which burned her mouth.

When the tot screamed he mauled her to the point where several ribs broke and grabbed the baby's arms so hard that he fractured her bones, SDA reported.

He once strangled the child until it went blue, according to the evidence.

It was only a happy circumstance that the girl (who is now four and a half) did not die, according to Switzerland’s supreme court.

The man was sentenced in February 2012 to 11 years in jail for attempted murder following an appeal of an earlier decision for an eight-year term.

But the country’s top court in March ordered a new sentencing in the case, arguing that the charge should be attempted premeditated murder.