Bus ticket evader shoots at Zurich city police

Zurich police arrested a 47-year-old Austrian man on Saturday night after a bus passenger caught without a ticket used a firearm to shoot at officers earlier in the day.

Bus ticket evader shoots at Zurich city police
Zurich public transport (ZVV) bus. Photo:

City police officers were called to the Seebach tram and bus stop in the northern part of the city to clarify the identity of bus riders shortly before 7am.

The suspect, identified as Gerald Langweiser, fled when he saw police and then shot in their direction, police said in a news release.

A stopped bus was struck by a bullet but there were no injuries, according to a report from the ATS news agency.

Police allege that he fired another shot at another policeman after being checked again for a bus ticket before escaping, the agency said.

Shortly before 9am, a retired resident in a northern Zurich neighbourhood reported having been attacked at his home and threatened by an unknown person with a gun, ATS said.

The assailant stole the pensioner’s bicycle and pedalled off.

Police issued a warning about the potentially dangerous man and made a request to the the public for information about his whereabouts.

After a manhunt, cantonal police said on Sunday that officers arrested Langweiser, a slim man, 190 centimetres tall,  at 7 pm on Saturday at a bus stop in the centre of Regensdorf, about six kilometres from the reported shootings.

No one was injured.

The suspect, previously known to police, was not armed when arrested.

Justice authorities have launched an investigation into the affair.

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Man dies after shooting wife in Zurich toy store

A domestic dispute in a Toys’R’Us store in the canton of Zurich turned deadly on Tuesday when a 28-year-old man used a handgun to shoot his 24-year-old wife before pulling the trigger on himself.

Man dies after shooting wife in Zurich toy store
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The incident occurred around 1pm in an underground parking area at the store in Dietlikon, a municipality northeast of the city of Zurich, cantonal police said.

The woman, a Swiss citizen, was taken to by ambulance hospital with serious gunshot wounds.

Her husband, an ethnic Albanian Serb, was transported separately by a Rega emergency rescue services helicopter to hospital where he died from his self-inflicted wounds, police said.

The couple’s three-year-old daughter, who witnessed the shootings, was not injured, police said.

She was taken into the custody of relatives.

The man was registered with cantonal police due to past cases of domestic violence, police said.

“I wanted to park and I saw him covered in blood and lying on the ground, trembling,” a witness told the Blick news site.

“I went to get help in the Toys’R’Us store,” the witness said.

“There a blond woman lay bleeding in the elevator on the floor.”

Police are investigating what led to the shootings.