Officers recover drugs stolen from police depot

Officers recover drugs stolen from police depot
Dried marijuana. Photo: Alphakaya/Wikimedia Commons
Investigators in the canton of Fribourg have tracked down a man they believe stole more than 30 kilograms of hashish and marijuana from a police warehouse last autumn.

Cantonal police arrested a 27-year-old Frenchman born in Switzerland, of no fixed address, after catching a man and two teens in possession of illegal drugs, 20 Minutes reported online on Tuesday.

Investigators traced the drugs back to the French citizen and were able to recover some of the contraband, according to the report.

In late March, Fribourg police acknowledged that 28.6 kilograms of hash and 4.8 kilograms of marijuana, seized from three different investigations, was stolen from a building where it was being stored as evidence in Châtillon, near the city of Fribourg.

Police only noticed the drugs were missing on March 13th, although back in December 5th 2012, officers noted that a metal bar protecting one of the building’s windows was sawn off.

Initially, police believed whoever removed the bar would not be able to penetrate inside the building, according to earlier media reports.

At the time of the break-in, the warehouse alarm system was not turned on for “technical reasons”, local newspaper La Liberté reported without giving further details.

 Last week, police arrested an 18-year-old Swiss man and a 16-year-old Portuguese, both from the canton of Vaud, in possession of a 200-gram block of hashish, 20 Minutes reported.

Under questioning, they admitted stealing 800 kilograms of cannabis resin from a 16-year-old Fribourg dealer, who was subsequently detained, the newspaper said.

In a search of the Fribourg youth’s residence police discovered more hash and marijuana.

Subsequent investigations led officers to the temporary residence of the Frenchman, where they seized 7.2 kilograms of hash and three kilograms of marijuana, from the stash originally stored in the police warehouse, 20 Minutes said.

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