July was ‘too hot and too dry’ despite storms

Although temperatures have cooled dramatically and there has been heavy rain in the past few days, July goes down as one of the hottest for 30 years.

July was ‘too hot and too dry’ despite storms
It was a good month for sunbathers. Photo:

Meteorologists say it was too warm and too dry in many parts of Switzerland, the Swiss news agency SDA reported.

According to weather service, Meteomedia, the month that is coming to a close is the fourth hottest since records began.

Only in 1983, 1994 and 2006 was the month of July warmer.

The reason is not just the heatwave that hit Switzerland last weekend, when temperatures reached up to 37 degrees Celsius.

Almost every day of the past month has been warmer than average. North of the Alps July was two degrees warmer than the reference year of 1981.

Joachim Schug of Meteomedia said this July was very humid and relatively stormy.

“There were only six days with no storms in Switzerland,” he said.

He said that nationwide 46,075 flashes of lightning had been recorded.

Despite the storms many places were much drier than usual for July.

According to the meteorology service there were 50 to 100 more hours of sunshine than normal, with 200 hours in northern Ticino and the Alps and 350 in northeastern Switzerland.

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9,000 lightning bolts: Heavy storms sweep across Switzerland

Hurricane-like gusts have swept across much of Switzerland on Sunday and Monday. Weather experts have counted at least 9,000 lightning bolts striking since Sunday.

9,000 lightning bolts: Heavy storms sweep across Switzerland

As of Monday morning however, the storms have largely receded in most of the country. 

Swiss weather service Meteonews said the canton of Bern was the heaviest hit, with 2,500 lightning strikes. 

Around 850 were recorded in Uri, followed by Fribourg, Vaud and St Gallen. 

Winds of 111km/h were recorded on the Weissfluhjoch summit, while wind speeds of 85km/h were recorded in Meiringen and Sitten. 

Monday will experience some winds, but will largely be sunny. 

Temperatures of 24C degrees are predicted in the north of the country, while heights of 30C are predicted for the centre and south.