Swisscom chief exec left suicide note: report

Swisscom CEO Carsten Schloter left a suicide note explaining why he took his life last month, according to a report published online by the Tages Anzeiger newspaper on Tuesday.

Swisscom chief exec left suicide note: report
Carsten Schloter. Photo: Swisscom

Schloter, 49, committed suicide on July 23rd at his home in the canton of Fribourg.

Several sources confirmed the existence of a suicide letter, which explains that his desperation was for private reasons unconnected to Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecom company, Tages Anzeiger reported.

A colleague had said that the German national was suffering from burnout at the company, which he joined in 2000 before taking over as CEO six years later.

But the suicide note indicates that Schloter was distressed over the separation in 2009 of his wife, with whom he had three children.

The separation came after the executive fell in love with a younger woman working at Swisscom.

In a TV interview he described the separation as “his greatest defeat, a failure in real life,” Tages Anzeiger said.

“I have three small children and I live separately, see the children every two weeks,” he said on March 26th 2012.

“That gives me time and again guilt,” he said.

“I have the feeling that I have done something that is not right.”

When asked about the failure of his marriage he said he was in part a case of “egoism”.

Carsten left behind many admirers, with Swisscom paying tribute to his contribution to the company in a eulogy posted on its website.

"Thank you for everything, Carsten," the message signed by Swisscom chairman Hansueli Loosli says, adding that the company has lost "a wonderful person and an extraordinary CEO". 

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Swisscom to start charging 2.90 francs for paper bills

Swiss telecommunications giant Swisscom is set to introduce new fees for customers who wish to receive a simple, non-itemized hard copy of their latest bill.

Swisscom to start charging 2.90 francs for paper bills
Swisscom has justified the new charges by saying they are standard industry practice. Photo: AFP

Until now, customers have been able to receive one of these basic bills for free, but as of October 1st, a fee of 2.90 Swiss francs (around €2.60) will apply.

At the same time, the current fee of 1.50 francs for receipt of a detailed bill will rise to 2.90 francs.

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Meanwhile, people wishing to pay their bills over the counter at a post office will have to shell out 3.90 francs as of October 1st.

Customers affected by the changes will be notified on all their bills before the new charges come in.

Holders of basic service products including Swisscom Line Basic and Swisscom Internet Basic will be exempt from the new charges.

In a statement on the new fees on its website, Swisscom said that printed bills cost the company millions every year and that these costs should not be passed on to all customers.

The same applied to costs associated with over-the-counter services at post offices, the company said.

Swisscom also justified the changes by stating these were now standard industry practice.

Rival provider UPC charges 3 francs for sending out paper bills and up to 7.50 francs for paying bills at the post office. Salt charges 2 francs a month for sending out basic bills and 5 francs a month for detailed bills. Salt also charges 3.95 francs to customers who want to pay their bills at the post office.

For Sunrise, paper bills cost 3 francs for the basic version and 4 francs for a detailed version. Payment with a so-called red slip costs 5 francs whether this is done online or in a post office.

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