Low-IQ ‘IT genius’ leads school computer theft

A youth with an IQ of just 65 helped mastermind the theft of dozens of computers from schools in the canton of Vaud before reconfiguring them for sale at a Lausanne second-hand shop.

Low-IQ ‘IT genius’ leads school computer theft
iMacs were among the computers stolen from nine schools. Photo: Jamie McCall

The 20-year-old from Moudon was one of two ringleaders of a group of ten youths who stole the computers from nine schools in the region during 2012, according to newspaper Le Matin.

The two gang leaders, both of Portuguese origin, were in court on Monday in Yverdon.

Despite having an IQ of 65, according to his doctor, the man – given the alias Francisco by Le Matin – was a computer genius.

He worked on the stolen computers before other members of the gang sold them on.

Investigators found eight of the machines at his home.

Over a period of six months the gang broke into nine schools, all of which Francisco had at some point attended, writes Le Matin.

The gang’s night-time raids created significant damage.

At the Verdeil Foundation in Lausanne the group caused 36,000 francs worth of damage to doors, floors, toilets, storerooms, an electronic white board and a photocopier.

In Yverdon, the gang stole three iMacs from Pestalozzi College and transported them home in a stolen wheelbarrow.

Bicycles and mopeds were also stolen during the gang’s night-time expeditions.

The thieves were finally apprehended during a routine control at Moudon station where they were found in possession of stolen material.

Francisco was sentenced to three weeks in prison.

Ironically, notes the newspaper, the youth is now offering his IT services over the internet.

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