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How to buy a car in Switzerland

How to buy a car in Switzerland
Shopping around for the right car at the right price, sorting out registration and insurance. Buying a new car is complicated, particularly if you're an expat. Now you can let someone else take the strain.

If you’re moving to Switzerland, getting yourself a set of wheels can be a hassle: car prices can be higher than in many other European countries, and registering, financing and insuring your vehicle all take time and effort. 

Helping expatriates navigate their way through the sometimes confusing process is autociel.ch. This Swiss company provides a one-stop shop for getting yourself on the road in Switzerland, helping with everything from buying a car to registration and servicing. This makes a potentially expensive and complex process cheaper and easier. 

Autociel.ch’s team of experts use their knowledge of the car business to save you money. Whether you are buying a new or used car, it often pays to cast the net as widely as possible:

“Price levels differ in the various parts of Switzerland, but we are always able to get you the best deals, wherever we find them,” says Markus Häfeli, founder of autociel.ch.

The company’s experts offer free advice, in English, on which solution offers best value for money. 80-90 percent of people who seek advice from autociel.ch end up following that advice. 

Häfeli and his team use their network of contacts in Switzerland, Germany and other European countries to find the best value vehicles. They can provide new and used cars from premium brands including Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volvo and Volkswagen.

“Our prices are usually below the market price for new cars, particularly for cars with list prices exceeding CHF 50,000,” says Häfeli.

If you want to lease your car rather than buy it outright, Autociel can find the best leasing deal and handle your application. They also arrange servicing and tyre changes through their partners – and provide you with a courtesy car while your own car is in the garage.

The Expat Project: How to move to Switzerland

Doing the paperwork connected to getting a car on the road in Switzerland can be just as time consuming and confusing as buying the car. Luckily, Autociel can help with this too, whether or not you are actually buying your car through them. Among the tasks they can help with are the obligatory Swiss registration process and getting your car insured at a reasonable price.

But what if you already have a car in your home country and want to bring it to Switzerland? Well, Autociel can take care of that too. They can also provide you with an interim rental for about half the price of the major rental companies. 

Autociel can also help you export your car if you leave Switzerland, Alternatively, they can make you a trade-in offer, or give you an estimate of your car’s value. 

If they manage your sale for you, they will collect your car – leaving you with a replacement vehicle – and carry out a check up to see whether any repairs are needed to maximize the resale value. They will then advertise it on Switzerland’s leading online car sales site, handle all inquiries and arrange test drives.

This article was produced by The Local in partnership with Autociel.ch

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