‘World’s worst hotel’ set for demolition

'World's worst hotel' set for demolition
The 92-room Hotel Nash Ville is set for demolition. Photo: TripAdvisor
Geneva's far-from-iconic Hotel Nash Ville is to be reduced to rubble, a move that is unlikely to be mourned by the establishment's many detractors.

To say the Hotel Nash Ville in Geneva's Pâquis district has seen better days would be an understatement.

Built in 1967, the ugly concrete block with its worn-out rooms finally closed its doors in June, and few will shed tears over the loss if comments on the holiday review site TripAdvisor are to be believed.

Of the 341 archived reviews for the Hotel Nash Ville, 118 rate the hotel as terrible.

The review below, meanwhile, speaks for itself.

But the hotel is now set for a complete revamp, starting with the demolition of the existing premises.

“The hotel was very cramped and none of it — the stairs, the emergency exits or the size of the bedrooms was up to standard,” Patrick Devanthéry, the architect in charge of the overhaul told the Tribune de Genève.

“Renovations were impossible, they said it made more sense to demolish.”

The 92-hotel room hotel will now be replaced by a 24-room version with the company NHDB SA  footing the estimated 12 million franc bill.

The new design will be all aluminium and glass and is to feature a bar that will be open to the public.

Even the name of the hotel will revert back to its original form of Hotel Berne leaving Nash de Ville a mere dark tale among travellers.