Swiss driver fined for speeding at 15 kph

A driver from Switzerland’s Grissons region has been fined after reaching speeds of 15kph during a recent trip to Germany.

Swiss driver fined for speeding at 15 kph

Marco Della Cà from Celerina was hit with the fine while driving through the town centre in Lahr in southern Germany.

With vehicle speeds limited to walking pace, or 7kph, in the town, the driver was travelling at more than twice the legal limit and was slapped with a 15-euro fine.

“I had just put the car into first gear and the radar flashed us,” the 25-year-old told Swiss tabloid Blick.

“We could hardly believe that we were too fast. Even children on tricycles can go that fast,” he said.

“The other cars started to beep their horns” while several locals abused them, Della Cà added.

He has apparently kept the speeding ticket as a souvenir.