Report: Geneva is Swiss capital of car theft

The rate of car theft in the canton of Geneva is six times higher than the Swiss national average, according to a new report.

Report: Geneva is Swiss capital of car theft
The most stolen make of car is Volkswagen. Photo: AXA Winterthur

The study, carried out by Swiss insurer AXA Winterthur, found the risk of getting your car nicked varied hugely across the country, with the canton of Glarus having the lowest risk, at ten times below the national average.

Overall, car theft is not a frequent occurrence in the country, said the insurer, which deals with about 500 cases a year.

“Most of the time our clients’ cars are stolen within Switzerland, but we have noticed big regional differences,” said spokesman Fredy Egg.

The figures, based on thefts over the past five years, put Geneva in the top spot, followed by the cantons of Basel-City and Vaud in second and third place, with about twice the average number of car thefts.

The canton of Neuchâtel sees an average number of car thefts a year, with all other cantons coming below the national average.

Source: AXA Winterthur

Geneva’s unwanted crown is most likely due to the fact that most car thefts take place in cities rather than the countryside, and the canton of Geneva “ has fewer rural areas than other cantons”, said Egg.

Its proximity to France also plays a part, given a large number of stolen cars are immediately taken abroad, he added.

The most stolen make of car in Switzerland is the Volkswagen, however that’s mainly because there are lots of Volkswagens in the country.

Bentleys and Porsches are also popular choices among thieves, according to AXA..

Most car thefts take place between May and October.

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