Swiss youth are most optimistic: study

In spite of their worries, Swiss young people aged 16 to 25 are more optimistic than their counterparts in other countries, a study has found.

Swiss youth are most optimistic: study
Young Swiss want it all. Photo: teen

The 2016 Youth Barometer commissioned by bank Credit Suisse among 1,000 people in Switzerland, Brazil, the United States and Singapore found 59 percent of young Swiss were optimistic about the future.

That compared to 54 percent for Brazil, 52 percent for the US and 43 percent for Singapore.

The authors of the Youth Barometer said “Generation Stress” was a good name for today’s 16 to 25 year olds who are permanently online in a world where communication trends are changing all the time.

Snapchat is the hottest app this year. And the internet has made politics much more accessible.

The young people surveyed want to have it all in life, the study found, even though this involved contradictions.

They wanted a successful career with a good work/life balance, to be independent and yet work for an international company, to save less, but also to buy a house.

The top three goals of young Swiss were to pursue their own dreams (90%), maintain a balance between leisure and work (85%) and own their own house or apartment (77%).

The three biggest concerns were refugees/asylum (46%), free movement of persons/foreigners/immigrants (45%) and old age pension/retirement provisions (44%).

The main sources of information for the Swiss respondents were free newspapers, followed by the internet and TV and news apps.

Credit Suisse has produced its Youth Barometer for the past seven years. 

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