Swiss entry bans triple over terror fears

Swiss entry bans triple over terror fears
A Swiss border crossing. File photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
Swiss federal police (Fedpol) has banned nearly 100 people from entering Switzerland this year, mainly over fears they are linked to jihadism, more than triple the number of bans dished out the previous year.

This year to date 97 people have been banned from entering the country, compared with just 28 people in the whole of 2015, reported news agencies.

The bans are mainly dished out to people who are suspected of having jihadist motives, for example they have joined a terrorist organization such as Islamic State and intend to return to Europe, Fedpol spokesperson Lulzana Musliu told ATS.

Under Swiss law, Fedpol can ban anyone who represents a threat to security in Switzerland through terrorism, extreme violence or organized crime.

The ban can be for a few days, several years or even indefinitely.