New Swiss chocolate ‘could ease period pains’

New Swiss chocolate ‘could ease period pains’
File photo: Siona Karen
A chocolatier in the central Swiss city of Lucerne is claiming to have created a special herbal chocolate that could help relieve period pains.

‘Frauenmond’ – literally ‘women’s moon’ – is made by Lucerne firm Chocolate with Love, headed by Marc Widmer, a pastry chef who has worked for top hotels including Arosa-Kulm and the Palace Lucerne, as well as Swiss chocolate makers Sprüngli.

It contains 60 percent cocoa solids and 17 Swiss mountain herbs in a combination that Widmer claims can alleviate women’s menstrual pains.

Speaking to paper 20 Minuten, Widmer said he had the idea for the chocolate three years ago, after meeting a family who produced a herbal tea of the same name.

Working with a herbalist, he spent several months developing a chocolate with similar herbs.

Billed as “the first healthy chocolate for women”, its supposed health benefits come from the interaction between the herbs and the molecules in the chocolate (including the body’s natural mood-lifter serotonin), which produces a calming effect on the body, said the paper.  

Widmer emphasized that the handmade chocolate is not a medicine, and that it can also be enjoyed by men.

But at 12.50 francs per 100 grams, perhaps it’s best kept as a monthly treat.

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