Swiss researchers: ‘self-driving cars a reality by 2030’

Swiss researchers: ‘self-driving cars a reality by 2030’
Photo: EPFL
Swiss scientists have developed an algorithm for automated vehicles that will allow them to operate in traffic alongside manually-driven cars.
The algorithm developed by researchers at EPFL, the Swiss federal technology institute in Lausanne, is a key part of an European project that has recently proved it is possible for self-driving vehicles to operate in high-speed, multi-lane traffic under real-life conditions, EPFL said in a statement.
A wifi-based communication system allows vehicles to share information with each other, it said. 
“This, combined with an array of driving-assistance devices – GPS, lasers, video cameras and other sensors – gives vehicles the ability to drive completely on their own.
“That said, it will be another 15 years before most vehicles are equipped with these devices, heralding a true driverless future,” it added. 
The project is one of several initiatives around the world looking to put autonomous vehicles on our roads, including Google’s Waymo project. 
Switzerland has been at the forefront of developing self-driving technology. 
A company founded by EPFL graduates recently developed the fleet management technology for self-driving public buses trialled in Sion last year

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