Basejumper dies in Swiss mountains

A man died on Saturday after basejumping from a mountain in the Lauterbrunnen area in central Switzerland.

Basejumper dies in Swiss mountains
Lauterbrunnen's high cliffs make it popular with basejumpers. File photo: Noel Reynolds
The victim was a 25-year-old Swiss man who had jumped from the so-called ‘Yellow Ocean’ jump site, Bern cantonal police said in a statement.
He crashed into woods in the Ryggerschwendi area near Stechelberg where he was quickly located by the emergency services, including an Air Glaciers helicopter, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.
Basejumping is the extreme sport of jumping from on high, usually wearing a wingsuit, and ‘flying’ through the air before deploying a parachute.
Lauterbrunnen is a popular spot for the sport due to its high cliffs. 
But accidents are common, with several people having died in the area in the last few years.