Raccoon births take zoo by surprise

Raccoon births take zoo by surprise
Photo: Servion zoo
Servion zoo near Lausanne is celebrating the unexpected birth of two baby raccoons – the first at the zoo for 15 years.

Zookeepers were taken by surprise when the two babies emerged into the open from their hiding place, Le Matin reported.

They are thought to have been born in April but were not spotted until two months later.

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The zoo has had a pair of young raccoons since 2015, which replaced an old and infertile couple, but there was no sign that the female was pregnant, it said.

Largely nocturnal, the animals spend a large part of their time inside a hollow tree trunk in their enclosure.

“The tree is a real labyrinth and the raccoons enjoy sleeping and playing inside it,” the zoo said.

It added that the family was getting along well and clearly enjoying the summer weather.

The zoo says the babies are spending more and more time outside and are most likely to be visible at 3pm feeding time and towards the end of the day.