Swiss Army tests out new combat uniform

Swiss Army tests out new combat uniform
Photo: DDPS
Swiss troops could soon be sporting a new look after the Swiss Army announced it was testing out a new uniform for its service personnel.

The new kit is part of a planned update of military material and is expected to cost 250 million francs, the defence ministry reported.


Testing of the modular olive green uniform began at the end of July and will continue until February.

The ministry said the current combat uniform was coming to the end of its service life and would be replaced by one more suitable for current and future military operations.

The clothing is designed to be layered so that service personnel can adapt it to the weather conditions.

Around 350 soldiers will be involved in testing the new gear, which includes ballistic vests, backpacks and drink bottles.

An analysis of the results will be made before a decision is taking on introducing the new camouflage kit in 2022. 

The current camouflage uniform, known as TAZ 90, which is worn by most units and ranks was introduced in the 1990s.