Strong winds cause chaos for Swiss roads and airports

Strong winds cause chaos for Swiss roads and airports
Photo: phil_bird/Depositphotos
Stormy weather and strong winds proved hazardous across Switzerland on Thursday, with planes struggling to land and trucks swept off the roads.
After a rather mild start to the day, an active cold front swept across the country bringing rain and high winds of up to 120km/hr in the mountains, MeteoNews said in a statement. 
Temperatures are likely to drop sharply throughout the day, with the snow level descending as low as 1,500m in parts of the country, it said. 
The high winds became a problem at Zurich’s Kloten airport on Thursday morning where a Singapore Airlines airbus was buffeted off course as it attempted to land. After three aborted attempts it diverted to Frankfurt in Germany, reported Swiss media
Traffic was also affected with several vehicles pushed off the roads. 
The A1 motorway between Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains was closed after a lorry overturned, and another truck was pushed off the same motorway at Niederbipp in the canton of Bern, said 20 Minuten.