Man’s Jack Daniel’s flag mistaken for Isis propaganda by neighbour in Zurich

Man's Jack Daniel's flag mistaken for Isis propaganda by neighbour in Zurich
Photo: iancucristi/Depositphotos
A 29-year-old Zurich resident hung the flag of the famous Tennessee-based whiskey on his roof. His neighbours however, thinking it was something else, allegedly accused him of being linked to Islamic extremism.

The neighbour had hung the flag beside another of the Italian tricolore on the roof of his apartment in Regensdorf, Zurich, where he moved into two months ago, according to a report in Swiss daily

The man said he put up the whiskey flag (photo) because he found it funny but his neighbours somehow didn't share his sense of humour.

'Should we be afraid of you. Are you an IS-sympathizer?' read an anonymous note allegedly posted in the man's latter box, according to the report.

Was it the black and white writing that confused the neighbour? Photo: Photo: kornienkoalex/Depositphotos

The man says he asked around his neighbours but nobody confessed to writing the anonymous note. He says he will take legal action if he finds the culprit because of the “damage to his reputation,” according to the article. 

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