Missing Swiss hunter found dead in mountains near Brienz

The body of a Bern resident who had been declared missing on the night of October 2nd was found hours later by search teams, communicated Bern police.

Missing Swiss hunter found dead in mountains near Brienz
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The 56-year-old Swiss man's body was found on the morning of October 3rd by a Bern search and rescue team.

On the night of October 2nd, police in Bern were notified that the hunter had gone missing in Sitschenen, near the village of Brienz, southeast of Bern in the Swiss Alps. 

Several search and rescue teams from Bern's police force searched the mountainous area, including two specialist alpine rescue teams replete with specially-trained dogs. Local council workers and the fire department also took part in the extensive search. 

The man's body was located on the same night in “impassable ground in the Chumene area,” states the police report.

Early indications suggest the man was walking alone when he slipped on a slope and fell into a ravine. Police have excluded the involvement of a third party and say all evidence points to the cause of death being an accident. The investigation continues, add the Bern police. 

Eight hikers went missing in the Swiss Alps in August 2017 after a dramatic mountain slide. About 120 emergency workers equipped with infrared cameras and mobile phone detectors, helicopters and rescue dogs had been scouring a five-square-kilometre (1.9-square-mile) area of the disaster, but the hikers were never found. 

A Swiss couple who disappeared during World War II were found mummified in a glacier in 2017, 75 years after they disappeared. 

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Plane crash in Swiss Alps leaves four dead

Two Swiss and two Austrian nationals were killed on Saturday when their small plane crashed in the Swiss Alps, police said

Plane crash in Swiss Alps leaves four dead

The plane came down in the picturesque area near the Gletscherspitze peak, at an altitude of over 3,000 metres (10,000 feet), in the southern Swiss canton of Wallis, regional police said in a statement.

Wallis police said a witness had first called to report seeing the plane falling from the sky at 12:25 pm (1025 GMT), and had called back a few minutes later to say smoke was rising from the crash site.

Firefighters and rescue workers flown in by helicopter discovered that all four people onboard, two Swiss citizens aged 50 and 66 and two Austrians aged 46 and 50, had perished.

Police said they were cooperating with the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board to probe the crash.