600kg tractor wheel lands on Swiss couple’s house roof

600kg tractor wheel lands on Swiss couple’s house roof
File photo: dell640/Depositphotos
Living in the Swiss countryside can clearly be hazardous at times.
On Tuesday a couple from Liedertswil, in the canton of Basel-Land, had a nasty shock when a 600kg tractor tyre barrelled down the hill and crashed into the roof of their house, causing considerable damage.
Speaking to 20 Minuten, 73-year-old Hans Niederhauser said he was working in his garage when he heard someone cry “Watch out, tyre!”
Coming out of the garage he saw the giant wheel barrelling towards him. After striking the roof of his house it bounced onto the garage and came to a stop, embedded in the roof.
According to the paper the tyre weighed 600 kilograms and was travelling at 100km/hr when it struck Niederhauser’s house.
For reasons as yet unclear, the wheel had detached from a tractor that was working in an area not far from the house.
In shock at emerging from the unusual incident unscathed, Niederhauser said it was a miracle no one was hurt.
“A few minutes earlier my wife and I were in the house on the staircase, which is just below the place where the tyre struck the roof.”
The owner of the tractor immediately came to see him and took full responsibility, he said.
As well as damaging the roofs of the house and garage, cracks have been noted in the house walls, said 20 Minuten.