‘Flying taxis’ could come to Geneva next year

Hydrofoil water taxis could be seen in Geneva as soon as next year if their creator has his way.

‘Flying taxis’ could come to Geneva next year
A Sea Bubble in Paris. Photo: Joel Saget/AFP
The electric-driven Sea Bubble, called a ‘flying taxi’ due to the hydrofoils that lift it half a metre out of the water, has already been tested on the Seine in Paris, however the French capital has failed to come to an agreement with the company over their use
Now creator Alain Thébault wants to put Sea Bubbles in service on Lake Geneva instead.
Next April five of his hydrofoil bubble taxis will be put in service for a pilot period in Geneva, he told AFP.
However whether this will actually happen remains to be seen. 
Reacting to Thébault’s words, Geneva minister Luc Barthassat said several steps need to be taken before the Sea Bubbles can ‘fly’ on the city’s waterways, reported Swiss media.
Approval must be given by the relevant authorities, adequate docking space must be found on Lake Geneva and an operator must be designated to run the service.