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Arachnophobe calls police to deal with spider in Chur home

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Arachnophobe calls police to deal with spider in Chur home
Not the spider in question. File photo: amnachphoto/Depositphotos
10:00 CET+01:00
A woman with a phobia of spiders hit the headlines after calling out police to her apartment in the eastern Swiss town of Chur on Saturday night to deal with something not usually considered worthy of police time – the discovery of a large eight-legged arachnid in her bedroom.
The woman was visibly suffering from arachnophobia when the police arrived. 
"Because of her spider phobia she could not enter the bedroom while the insect was in it," said Chur police in a brief statement.
Speaking to Blick, the 28-year-old beautician, named as Fia Tuor, said she was home alone when she spotted the spider in her bed. 
At first she thought it was plastic, perhaps put there as a practical joke by a friend. But then it moved. 
“My hands were prickling and I could barely breathe,” she told the paper. 
She called a friend, who was unable to come and help. She did not want to disturb neighbours since it was just before midnight, she said. 
Finally, she called the fire service, who notified police, and three officers turned up at her door. 
“They took me seriously and did not joke,” she says. 
Officers managed to capture the spider in a cardboard box and release it outside. 
They were surprised by the size of the creature, said Blick. 

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