Man finds wallet with all its cash ten years after losing it

Man finds wallet with all its cash ten years after losing it
File photo: Michal Ludwiczak/Depositphotos
A man who lost his wallet in Switzerland in 2007 has been reunited with it and all its cash – including a special 20 franc bill he’d kept for two decades.
According to 20 Minutes, back in 2007 Pjeter Marku was working on a building site at a postal depot in Härkingen, in the canton of Solothurn, when he lost his wallet.
The wallet contained his identity documents, credit card and 500 francs in cash. But most importantly to him, it also contained a blue 20 franc bill from an old banknote series that Marku had kept with him for nearly 20 years as a sort of talisman.
Marku arrived in Switzerland from Kosovo in 1989 and started his new Swiss life with only that 20 franc note, he told the paper. 
He never spent it, and over the years its sentimental value became more and more important to him.
After losing the wallet he and his colleagues searched the building site in vain, and Marku had given up hope of ever seeing his precious 20 franc note again. 
But a few days ago he received a call from Härkingen postal centre to say an employee had found his old wallet, reported 20 Minutes.
Going to pick it up, Marku found it still contained the 500 francs in cash – and the special 1989 note he thought gone forever.
“The Swiss really are honest people,” he told the paper.