Meghan Markle ‘has Swiss ancestor’

Meghan Markle ‘has Swiss ancestor’
Photo: AFP/Matt Dunham
A small Swiss commune is claiming a direct link to the American actress Meghan Markle who will marry Britain’s Prince Harry next year.

According to Swiss newspaper reports, excitement is running high in Glattfelden, a commune of 4,000 people in the canton of Zurich, following the discovery that Markle is descended from a local resident.

In the 18th century an ancestor of the future British royal emigrated from Zurich to America, it is claimed.

The Landbote newspaper said Kaspar Glattfelder was the actress’s great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

He left Switzerland for America between 1738 and 1743, with the family settling in Philadelphia.

Markle’s father is descended from Kaspar Glattfelder.

“The whole of Glattfelden is delighted that the future princess carries the excellent Glattfelden genes,” the paper quoted local mayor Ernst Gassmann as saying.

Gassmann said he planned to send Markle an official invitation to visit the commune and discover her Swiss roots.