Swiss Post reports bumper Christmas parcel trade

Swiss Post reports bumper Christmas parcel trade
Photo: Swiss Post
Swiss postal workers have had a very busy Christmas, delivering 18 million parcels during the month of December.

The national postal service said delivery staff and workers in sorting centres had had to work extra shifts to ensure deliveries were made in time for Christmas.

According to Swiss Post, its workers handled over 18 million parcels from December 1st to 23rd.

On peak days the three sorting centres of Frauenfeld in Thurgau, Härkingen in Solothurn and Daillens in Vaud handled more than one million parcels.

On December 19th a new daily record was set with 1.3 million parcels sorted.

All available staff were on duty and the sorting machines were in almost constant operation.

This year’s calendar meant there was one less working day than usual in the run-up to the holiday.

Since December 24th Swiss Post has also been handling gifts donated to those in need in Switzerland as part of the ‘2 x Christmas’ appeal.

Until January 6th gift boxes containing hygiene articles and foodstuffs with a long shelf life can be handed in free at any post office.

Donations can also be made online with the proceeds going to buy foodstuffs and essential items for the needy in eastern Europe.

The volume of parcels delivered in Switzerland is increasing year by year thanks to online shopping while the number of letters is decreasing.