Swiss airline accused of ruining family Christmas

Swiss airline accused of ruining family Christmas
Photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
A Zurich resident has accused the Swiss national carrier of failing to inform her about the cancellation of her flight leading to her missing Christmas Day celebrations.

The Swiss woman and her Irish husband had booked a Swiss International Air Lines flight from Zurich to Dublin at 9am on December 25th, according to a report in the Der Bund newspaper.

They planned to spend the holiday with the husband’s family in Ireland after celebrating the 24th with the wife’s family in Switzerland.

But when checking her luggage allowance on the 23rd, the woman discovered she had been rebooked on a 24-hour flight with stops in Munich and Frankfurt in Germany.

According to the paper, the would-be passengers had not been informed about the flight cancellation, instead receiving a flight confirmation email on the 21st.

To add insult to injury, the Swiss woman claimed the airline had offered no apology when she called them two days before Christmas.

A written complaint by her husband received a standard reply, the paper said, and it was only when he wrote on the airline’s Facebook page that he received a sympathetic response from Swiss.

A spokesperson for Swiss rejected the allegations, saying the couple had been informed in October that the December 25th flight had been cancelled.

“According to our data we were not able to reach them by phone so we made a rebooking for them and informed them by email,” the paper quoted her as saying.

“We regret that these two passengers were not able to celebrate Christmas in Dublin.”