14 guinea pigs found abandoned at recycling centre

14 guinea pigs found abandoned at recycling centre
Not one of the guinea pigs in question. Photo: birute/Depositphotos
An animal rescue centre is looking for homes for 14 guinea pigs found dumped at a recycling centre in Vevey in the canton of Vaud.

Local resident David de Sousa discovered 12 animals half-frozen and covered in excrement in a cardboard box next to a plastic recycling container, 20 minutes reported.

He was on the point of putting the box into the appropriate recycling bin when he heard movements and squeaking from within.

The rodents had been thrown away as if they were rubbish, he told the paper.

The following day police found another two guinea pigs at the same spot.

All 14 guinea pigs are now being cared for at the Haut-Léman animal shelter.

The head of the shelter condemned the owners for the “despicable” act of abandoning the animals.

She said the guinea pigs were healthy and well again and would soon be put up for adoption.

More information can be found on the shelter’s facebook page.