Dog reported missing in Frankfurt turns up six months later near Zurich

A German shepherd dog reported missing in August in Frankfurt has turned up six months later near Zurich after a 400-kilometre journey.

Dog reported missing in Frankfurt turns up six months later near Zurich
Rapunzel was suffering from internal injuries and multiple fractures. Photo: Zurich emergency rescue services.

Eight-year Rapunzel is in critical condition in a Zurich veterinary hospital after she was spotted on the side of the A1 highway between Zurich and Winterthur by emergency rescue personnel last Friday night.

The rescue workers pulled over and discovered the animal was hypothermic and appeared to be seriously injured. They contacted Zurich police, sealed off the area and attempted to win the dog’s trust, according to a new release from Zurich’s emergency rescue department.

When the dog’s condition continued to deteriorate, the rescue personnel decided not to wait for the arrival of a dedicated animal ambulance and took Rapunzel directly to the Zurich veterinary facility where emergency surgery for multiple fractures and internal injuries was carried out.

Only later did it emerge that the eight-year dog had in fact gone missing on August 15th 2017 in the German city of Frankfurt some 400 kilometres away and that Rapunzel had been the subject of a long internet and social media search.

The dog’s owners were already with Rapunzel on Tuesday morning, Zurich’s emergency services department told The Local.

A department spokesperson said that while Rapunzel’s outlook remained positive, she would remain in hospital for some time.