Swiss neo-Nazi who spat on Jew jailed for two years

A neo-Nazi with an extensive criminal record is set to spend 24 months in prison for racial discrimination and assault over a 2015 attack in the Zurich district of Wiedikon.

Swiss neo-Nazi who spat on Jew jailed for two years
A skinhead tattooed with the SS slogan "Loyalty is my honor" in Budapest in 2014. Photo: AFP

Kevin G., the 30-year-old singer of far-right rock band Amok, had spat on an orthodox Jew, insulted him and made a Nazi salute in the attack during a bachelor party on July 4th of 2015, the court said during sentencing.

The neo-Nazi, who is a trained butcher, allegedly said to his victim “Fucking Jew”, “We will gas you all” and “We will send you to Auschwitz”, according to Zurich daily the Tages Anzeiger.

The court sentenced the man to a total of 36 months in a ruling that took into account both the 2015 attack and an earlier 2013 sentence of 30 months’ probation over other assaults.

As the neo-Nazi has already spent 12 months in prison, he is set to remain behind bars for another two years.

He will also have to pay a fine of 1,000 francs as well as 3,000 francs in damages to his victim. Prosecutors asked that this money be given to a Jewish charity, Swiss news agency SDA/ATS reported.

Kevin G.’s defence team argued during the trial that their client had left the scene of the attack before it took place, claiming the victim had confused him with someone else, given that he had been part of a group of 20 people who were all tattooed and all wearing similar clothes.

But the judge said witnesses at the scene had named him as the assailant.

Kevin G. was unapologetic about his political convictions during the investigation into the 2015 attack and despite earlier claims he no longer sang with the extremist band Amok, he continues to do so.

But the neo-Nazi said he has otherwise dropped out of the far-right scene.

The last major concert by Amok took place in October 2016 came during a festival in the canton of St Gallen featuring a number of bands with extreme far-right views. Cantonal police were widely condemned for letting the event go ahead.