Finally: Switzerland set for spring temperatures this week

Finally: Switzerland set for spring temperatures this week
Two elderly Swiss women go for a walk in Grut. Photo: Tambako The Jaguar / Flickr Creative Commons.
Maximums are expected to hit the magic 20C-mark on Tuesday in some places with Föhn winds dominating weather patterns.

After a cool and grey March marked by a distinct lack of sunshine in many parts of Switzerland, spring is set to finally gain a foothold in the coming days.

While maximums are expected to stay just below the 20C mark on Tuesday in most places, they are forecast to surpass this barrier on Tuesday in locations including Basel and Chur, according to SRF Meteo.

But the spring-like temperatures on Tuesday will be accompanied by strong winds in valleys where so-called Föhn conditions predominate.

These Föhn conditions periodically hit Switzerland and other parts of central Europe, warming the climate as moist winds off the Mediterranean Sea blow over the Alps.

Gusts of wind between 80 and 120 km/h were predicted for Monday and Tuesday. Storm warnings are in place for parts of central and eastern Switzerland.

The Föhn conditions in the north of the country at the beginning of the week will also mean somewhat wetter conditions for the south the country.

Spring will then take a short pause on Thursday with conditions becoming cooler and windy. The snow line will come down to 1,000 metres as the weather turns changeable.

However, the spring should arrive again on the weekend, with temperatures again hitting 20C, or perhaps even a touch higher, across most of the country.