Endless summer: Switzerland records eight ‘hot’ weekends in a row

Switzerland this weekend again experienced temperatures over 30C – the eight consecutive weekend this has been the case.

Endless summer: Switzerland records eight 'hot' weekends in a row

After a cold front last Friday, temperatures again picked up on Saturday, hitting the high 20s in much of Switzerland and surpassing meteorologists' magic 30C-mark – the official indicator of a “hot” day – in the canton of Graubünden.

The weather was a bit warmer on Sunday, again with the key 30C-mark reached in the canton of Ticino and along the Rhone Valley.

A dried out sunflower near Perly-Certoux, canton Geneva, in August. Photo: AFP

This means Switzerland has now experienced eight weekends in a row with at least one day over 30C. The last time the thermometer failed to hit this mark was on the weekend of June 23rd and June 24th.

The summery conditions are set to continue until Friday. Valais and Ticino can expect the warmest of the weather while the northern side of the Alps can also expect very warm weather with possible afternoon rain showers or storms, especially in the mountains.

After a cooler weekend coming up, the fabled summer of 2018 is set to continue.

While the hot summer weather has been welcomed by holidaymakers, the dry conditions have made life difficult for farmers and wildlife. The army has helped bring water to thirsty cows in the Alps while the Swiss Fishing Federation told The Local fish populations were seriously struggling.

There has also been a spike in the number of people drowning in the county's lakes and rivers.

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9,000 lightning bolts: Heavy storms sweep across Switzerland

Hurricane-like gusts have swept across much of Switzerland on Sunday and Monday. Weather experts have counted at least 9,000 lightning bolts striking since Sunday.

9,000 lightning bolts: Heavy storms sweep across Switzerland

As of Monday morning however, the storms have largely receded in most of the country. 

Swiss weather service Meteonews said the canton of Bern was the heaviest hit, with 2,500 lightning strikes. 

Around 850 were recorded in Uri, followed by Fribourg, Vaud and St Gallen. 

Winds of 111km/h were recorded on the Weissfluhjoch summit, while wind speeds of 85km/h were recorded in Meiringen and Sitten. 

Monday will experience some winds, but will largely be sunny. 

Temperatures of 24C degrees are predicted in the north of the country, while heights of 30C are predicted for the centre and south.