Swiss cow rescued after falling into manure cesspit

Animal rescue services carried out an unusual mission on Saturday night in the Swiss town of Uster after they received a call out about a cow trapped in manure.

Swiss cow rescued after falling into manure cesspit
It's dirty work but someone's got to do it. Photo: Uster Police

The local fire brigade and a special crew dedicated to the rescue of large animals were dispatched after a cow crashed through a wooden floor and landed in a cesspit.

“Thanks to a fantastic operation, the cow could be freed from an awkward situation,” local police wrote on Facebook.

They added the cow was now in a “fit and healthy condition”.

Switzerland's Large Animal Rescue Service (GTRD) told the 20 Minuten news site there were about 50 such incidents a year.

“We are used to jumping into manure,” spokesperson Ruedi Keller said.

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