Swiss police search for stolen man-sized steak

Swiss police search for stolen man-sized steak
This is NOT the steak mentioned in the article. File photo: Depositphotos
Police in the Swiss canton of Zug have called on the public to help them locate a huge plastic steak which was stolen recently.

Police in the central Swiss canton took to Twitter on Sunday for help in finding the man-sized steak which usually stands outside the Grill-Bill restaurant in the town of Baar.

“We need your help. A few days ago, the 'Baar Cutlet’ was kidnapped,” the police tweet reads.

“If you find this, do not cook it – look after it until police turn up,” the message continues.

This is not the first time a giant, artificial meat product intended for advertising purposes has been stolen in Switzerland.

In 2014, a two-metre tall bratwurst worth 1,000 Swiss francs (€880) was stolen from outside a butcher in eastern Switzerland’s Toggenburg region, according to Swiss news portal 20 Minuten.

The sausage was found months later floating in the Thur river.

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