Five fantastic things to do in Switzerland this weekend

From a yoga festival in Geneva to a chance to ride up a Swiss mountain pass which has been closed to traffic, here are some great ideas for how to make the most of a late summer weekend in Switzerland.

Five fantastic things to do in Switzerland this weekend
Photo: Geneva Yoga Festival

Visit the Geneva Yoga Festival, September 13th–15th

The Geneva Yoga Festival is turning ten this year and it is celebrating by going green. For the first time, the event will held at the Meyrin Village school in the ‘eco-neighbourhood’ of Vergers near the French border.

Prices are not fixed and participants pay what they feel they can afford for classes and workshops. All money raised will be used to help cover the costs of staging the event.

Watch the cows come down from the mountains, Urnäsch, September 14th (9am–4pm)

At the end of the summer, farmers across Switzerland bring their cows down from their high pastures in the mountains to the valleys below. The return is full of ceremony with farmers dressed in traditional attire and cows fitted out with special decorations.

This Saturday, cows will be driven through Urnäsch in the beautiful Appenzell region. The animals will be returning from 10am to 1pm. There will also be a traditional market with 50 stalls, as well as entertainment including music and pig races.

An Alp descent in western-Switzerland. File photo: AFP

Ride up a mountain pass (closed to cars), September 15th, Flüela Pass

On Sunday, a 25-kilometre stretch of the spectacular Flüela Pass in the canton of Graubünden will be closed to traffic from 1pm to 4pm. 

This means you can ride (or roll or skate) the pass at your leisure – a fantastic way to experience the great outdoors. For roller skiers and inline skaters, there will be post bus at the top of the pass to bring you down again.

Say farewell to summer at Zurich’s Lido-Bad pool

To mark the end of the summer, the Lido-Bad in Zurich is throwing a party. There will be bars and a barbecue on Friday night, followed by coffee and cakes (as well as swimming) on Saturday afternoon. Then, at 4pm, the ‘plug will be pulled’ and all the water drained out.

With weather looking great this weekend, this is an excellent way to see out the swimming season.

Check out a huge horse festival, Avenches, September 13th–15th

This large festival includes everything from professional dressage events to fun Roman chariot races and kids’ activities. It is also a great chance to see Switzerland’s most spectacular Roman ruins.


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