Why ‘crisis resistant’ Switzerland is well placed to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic

Why 'crisis resistant' Switzerland is well placed to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic
Switzerland is considered one of the best-placed to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic according to a new study.

The BBC study which looked at the world’s most ‘crisis resistant’ nations and the measures that each had put in place to combat the virus.

The study found Switzerland is in a strong position to rebound from the crisis, despite it currently being one of the worst affected on a per capita basis. 

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According to the study, Denmark is the country which is currently in the best position to rebound, while Singapore also rated highly. 

The study also indicated that the United States had one of the world’s most resilient economies and would rebound in a successful fashion, despite it also enduring some of the most negative impacts of the pandemic seen anywhere in the world. 

Crisis resistant and quick to react

The ratings are calculated by evaluating the economic and physical distancing measures countries put in place as the outbreak began, while also looking at the 2019 Global Resilience Index, which looks at the world’s most ‘crisis resistant’ countries. 

High marks are given to countries which put in place social distancing strategies and implemented fiscal interventions to stabilise markets, which earned Denmark its lofty position. 

Like Denmark, Switzerland was one of the earliest countries to implement social distancing measures and to ban events and certain types of businesses from opening. 

Switzerland also put in place a wide range of economic measures aimed at securing businesses, employees and the self-employed. A package of CHF42 billion was originally announced, with the government later making another CHF20 million available. 

As at Tuesday, April 14th, Switzerland has recorded more than 1,140 deaths from the virus and has a total infected count of 25,719 people. 

The world’s most crisis resistant countries

The starting point for the BBC study was a 2019 assessment of the most crisis resistant countries in the world, which was completed by insurance company FM Global. 

Switzerland ranked third, coming in after Norway and Denmark, on that list. 

Germany and Finland rounded out the top five.


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