Blood study shows five percent of Genevans have contracted coronavirus

Blood study shows five percent of Genevans have contracted coronavirus
A bench in Geneva. Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP
Five percent of Geneva residents - approximately 27,000 people - have contracted the coronavirus, according to an antibody study which shows that the virus is much more widespread than previously thought.

The test shows that 5.5 percent – or just over one in 20 – residents have been infected with Covid-19. 

The number is more than five times higher than the 4,700 confirmed infections as per cantonal authorities. 

Official figures suggest that approximately 28,000 people in the entire country have been infected, giving rise to speculation that the real number of infected Swiss is much higher. 

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The study began on April 6th and will continue to the end of May, eventually testing 5,600 people. 

The researchers have a capacity to test approximately 200 people per hour to see if they have previously been infected with Covid-19. 

The goal of the study is to get an insight into how widely the virus has spread throughout the population, thereby producing valuable data as to the true mortality rate of the virus as well as strategies for developing so-called herd immunity among the population. 

The official infection numbers of a variety of countries have been cast in significant doubt, as countries with deficient testing regimes will not be able to properly identify how many cases actually exist in the population. 

Official figures are also heavily reliant on accurate government reporting, which can be subject to political influence. 

For instance, recent studies have indicated that the actual infection count in China, where the outbreak began, is four times higher than currently reported. 



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