UPDATE: How Switzerland’s gyms can reopen on May 11th after coronavirus lockdown

UPDATE: How Switzerland's gyms can reopen on May 11th after coronavirus lockdown
Switzerland’s gyms and fitness centres will be allowed to open again from May 11th, provided they comply with stringent social distancing and hygiene requirements.

Gyms will again be allowed to open in Switzerland from May 11th, the government announced on Wednesday. 

However, in order to do so, a strict set of social distancing measures will need to be observed. 

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Gyms, yoga centres and swimming pools may open again. Recreational sports and training for professional/elite sports will also again be allowed to take place from May 11th. 

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Measures to be followed

In order for the facilities to be allowed to open again, they must present a “protection concept” to authorities. 

A maximum of one person per ten square metres will apply in every type of fitness facility. 

Devices must be disinfected after every use. 

Although not a requirement if distancing can be achieved through other means, one suggestion was to ensure every second device remains unused. 

There will however be no mask requirements put in place by the government. 

As reported in Watson on April 30th, the changes are expected to be expensive and significant, discouraging many gyms from doing so. 

Fitness centres present reopening plan

On April 15th, the Swiss Fitness and Health Centre Federation presented a set of standards its members would follow in order to reopen in the first wave of lockdown relaxations on April 27th. 

While that plan wasn't approved, it's expected many of the suggestions from the original plan will be carried over when they are permitted to open again on May 11th as part of each gym's protection concept.

The SFGV said that the regular social distancing measures would be adhered to, including no handshakes, two metres distance between participants, regular hand washing and coughing into one’s elbow. 

In addition, a maximum of ten people will be allowed per everyone 100 square metres. Every second cardio machine will be closed in order to ensure distance. 

Gym workers will police all fitness centres to ensure distancing requirements are maintained. They will also be required to clean down machines regularly, while using machines without towels will not be permitted. 

No exercises, activities or classes will be allowed which involve body contact, while markings will be made at entry points to ensure people do not come within two metres of each other. 

In changing rooms, every second shower and locker will be closed.


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