These Swiss cantons have made masks compulsory in schools

These Swiss cantons have made masks compulsory in schools
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School goes back on Monday, August 10th in cantons across Switzerland. From masks to plexiglas, this is how cantons are hoping to protect students.


Masks have been made compulsory in high schools and vocational education centres in the western canton of Neuchâtel. 

Neuchâtel has followed the lead of Lucerne and Geneva in requiring masks in schools, although unlike Lucerne students do not have to pay for their own masks. 

Neuchâtel State Councilor Monika Maire-Hefti told Le Temps “Wearing a mask will be compulsory in post-compulsory education, if one cannot respect 1.5 meters of distance”. 

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In practice, Le Temps reports that masks will be compulsory inside all high schools and vocational centres in Neuchâtel as distance requirements will be difficult to comply with. 

Masks will not compulsory outside, while Maire-Hefti also said “”in some workshops that are large enough, however, the students should not wear them.”

The canton has ordered 120,000 masks for students to wear in order to comply with the requirement. 

Will masks be required in other cantons? 

Authorities in Bern will meet on August 7th to discuss a mask requirement. 

In Thurgau, authorities will also make a decision on wearing masks before school goes back. 

What are schools in other cantons doing?

Schools in Basel Country have said they will provide students with masks in high schools and vocational education centres in situations where distancing will not be required, although wearing masks will not be compulsory. 
In Aargau, schools will not require masks but have installed plexiglas where distance cannot be kept. 

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