‘Hundreds’ to attend coronavirus conspiracy rally in Zurich

‘Hundreds’ to attend coronavirus conspiracy rally in Zurich
Coronavirus protests in Bern. Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP
An estimated 500 people are set to attend a ‘coronavirus skeptic’ rally in Zurich in late August after the demonstration received police approval.

The rally, to take place on August 29th at Helvetiaplatz in Zurich, will be attended by several groups who are skeptical about the pandemic and/or who oppose the current lockdown measures.

While 500 supporters are expected, counter protesters have also announced their intention to attend. 

The groups who have indicated their intention to attend include “Friends of the Constitution”, “Network Vaccination Decision” and “Citizens' Forum Switzerland”. 

Patrick Jetzer, one of the rally organisers, told Swiss media outlet 20 Minutes that the diverse groups were united by their feelings on the virus and the government’s lockdown measures. 

“The participants in the demonstration do not position themselves politically on the left or on the right, conservative or liberal. Different people will join us.”

Jetzer compared the virus to the flu. 

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“The rally is important because we are defending ourselves against the restrictions on our rights to freedom,” he said. 

“If you look at the mortality from Corona, it is in a similar range to that of a stronger flu epidemic. We therefore see no justification for such restrictions as those issued by the Federal Council.”

“There are studies that show that the masks are counterproductive.

“Masks are not hygienic to wear in public. Any use of masks can only be proven for operating theatres and laboratories.

Jetzer did not indicate which studies he was referring to. 

The death rate with covid-19 is roughly ten times higher than that of the flu, while the official Swiss federal task force find that “wearing a protective mask reduces the risk of infecting others and yourself.”

Police approved the rally, saying that it was difficult to know how many would actually be in attendance. 

“So far, at least in similar demonstrations in the city, we have seen that there have been a few hundred, sometimes a few dozen”

Counter protesters set to attend

While 500 supporters are expected, counter protesters have also said publicly they will attend the rally. 

The Antifacist Action group of Zurich said it will encourage its members and supporters to attend “to show that coronavirus conspiracy theorists are not welcome in Switzerland”. 



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