How much do IT specialists earn in Switzerland?

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The Local - [email protected] • 12 Sep, 2020 Updated Sat 12 Sep 2020 10:55 CEST
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Switzerland is expensive, but a silver lining is that workers tend to earn big bucks - and that’s certainly the case for IT specialists.

IT specialists are sought after the world over, so it’s no surprise that their wages are at the higher end of the spectrum 

What IT specialists earn in Switzerland will depend largely on experience, education level and specialisation - but even those just starting out are well remunerated.

The figures come from a wage study put together by Swiss ICT and reported in media outlet 20 Minutes. The study refers to those with three years experience, unless otherwise indicated. 

Those starting out who have completed a computer science apprenticeship - even without finishing their Matura (secondary school exit exam) - earn 60,792 francs per year on average. 

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Conversely, those with a masters degree earn an average of 86,785 francs per year. 

The IT industry is subject to rapid change - with new tasks and even new jobs created regularly. 

If you're going to be an IT Specialist, there are worse places than Switzerland. Picture: Pexels

The Mediamatiker (English: mediamatician) - which according to 20 Minutes is a combination between “computer scientist and businessman” and only exists in Switzerland - might have been created comparatively recently, but they still earn an average of 91,104 per year. 

ICT Operators earn 93,269 francs per year, while ICT Supporters - who carry out many of the same tasks as ICT Operators but have a greater degree of seniority, earn 99,855 francs. 

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DevOps Engineers - who take a broader view of an organisation’s IT services - get a fairly hefty pay increase, earning 119,811 per year. 

ICT Architects take another step up, earning 139,209 francs per year. It’s the same for ICT Sourcing Managers who earn 142,850 per year (five years experience). 

But if you really want to make the big bucks in the IT industry - and you haven’t gotten around to inventing Facebook or Microsoft yet - IT Program Management is the job for you. 

An IT Program Manager will earn 150,589 francs per year on average (with five or more years experience). 




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