Swiss activists launch referendum bid against Covid-19 measures

Swiss activists launch referendum bid against Covid-19 measures
A coronavirus sceptic protest in Geneva. Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP
Activists who oppose the Swiss government’s coronavirus measures have launched a bid to have the restrictions banned at a referendum.

In order to have the question put to the Swiss people, the campaign will need to collect a minimum of 50,000 signatures. 

The campaign seeks prevent the extension Switzerland’s coronavirus measures until December 2021, which were originally put in place by emergency decree for six months from March 13, 2020. 

“The ordinances on the 2020 pandemic have shown how quickly fundamental rights can be repealed, violated or even revoked by ordinances” the organisers claim on their website. 

“For years, political powers have shifted from the people to parliament, then to government and experts,” organiser Marion Russek told Le Temps

The organisers also claim, without evidence, that the Swiss government will use the emergency laws to “authorise the use of genetic vaccines on humans”. 

While the organisers claim that such a vaccine will be compulsory, the Swiss government has repeatedly ruled out compulsory vaccination. 

In April, Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset said “Swiss law does not allow us to force someone to get vaccinated against their will”.

The organisers will have until January 14th, 2021 to collect the signatures. 

Christoph Pfluger told Le Temps that the organisation currently has 1,000 members but can count on 28,000 supporters and was confident the 50,000 signatures would be collected by the deadline. 


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  1. Hi, this is an interesting article. However, the stance presented is typical of the mainstream media, portraying the people who oppose current restrictions as radicals, skeptics, conspiracy theorists and so on. However, there are many critics of the global handling of the pandemic from many walks of life, including the former Pfizer CEO. Can the authors please share a link to the group organising this campaign so that those interested can join or sign the campaign petition to support this cause?

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