Several Swiss cantons tighten coronavirus measures

Several Swiss cantons tighten coronavirus measures
Authorities in Zurich, Solothurn and Basel Country are tightening lockdown measures. Here's what you need to know.

On Saturday Health Minister Alain Berset told cantons with rapidly increasing contamination rates to urgently mandate stricter measures against the pandemic by December 11th.

The move is driven by the increasing number of Covid-19 infections in various German-speaking cantons and in Ticino.

As a result, authorities in Zurich, Solothurn and Basel Country are tightening a variety of measures. 

In addition, Basel City announced on Tuesday that it would extend its coronavirus measures by one week

Ticino on Monday closed all bars from 7pm onwards, while restaurants cannot open later than 10pm. 


From Thursday, December 10th, Zurich will put in place tighter rules in a number of areas. 

People from a maximum of two households can sit on the same table in the same restaurant, reports 20 Minutes

Contact details must be collected of everyone who visits a restaurant. 

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All publicly accessible businesses must close at 10pm, including petrol station shops. 

Brothels, casinos and sauna clubs have to close. 

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Public gatherings are restricted to ten people – including rallies and protests. 

Performances in public are banned, as are fireworks. 

In addition, there is an ‘urgent recommendation’ to limit private gatherings to only two households until December 23rd. 

Basel Country

While not as extensive as those in Zurich, Basel Country will also put in place a new set of measures. 

These will apply from Friday, December 11th until January 17th, 20 Minutes reports.

Restaurants must close at 9pm, as will all other shops including petrol station shops. 

Events with more than 15 people are prohibited, regardless of whether they are public or private. 

The restrictions are set to apply at Christmas and at New Years Eve. 

Leisure facilities must close. 

Sports activities outside are restricted to small groups of a maximum of five people. Exceptions apply to competitive sports, professional gaming, school sports and sports for the purposes of study.


In Solothurn, restaurants must close from 9pm. Bars must close at all times, 20 Minutes reports

A maximum of 50 people are allowed to sit in a restaurant in this time. 

All events – public or private – cannot have more than 15 people, except for religious events during the festive period – these have a max of 30. 

Sports facilities, casinos and gaming arcades must close.

The measures will apply from Friday, December 11th up until January 31st. 

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